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I Help Catholic Women Heal Heart Wounds

Through Trauma-Informed Life Coaching


The main thing standing in the way of the life you unhealed wounds.

You’re a smart, successful woman who is deeply spiritual and connected to God.

You desire to be a content, joyful, RADIANT daughter of God.⁠⠀

You're ready to embrace the next season of your life.’ve prayed for the desires of your heart but nothing seems to change.⁠⠀⁠⠀

You’re tired of feeling stuck, like your life is on hold, or worse yet--that you’re being punished for your past in some way.⁠
You're tired of experiencing the same pattern in your relationships again and again.


Healing these wounds is the answer.

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Hi, I'm Claudine!

I help Catholic women let go of the past, find fulfillment in the present and look forward to the future with confidence.

Several years ago, I felt stuck in my life, doubted my abilities, felt overwhelmed by my responsibilities and unfulfilled in my relationships. 

I hired my first life coach in 2013 (who was Catholic) and everything changed for me. 


2 Ways to Work With Me

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90-Minute Session

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1:1 Coaching Program


I like that you challenged my thinking and questioned the beliefs behind my actions but never made me feel as if I was wrong or being judged. You gave me a lot to think about and also provided tangible suggestions and action steps. I see coaching as a valuable self development tool...

Coaching has helped me understand more about what's important to me and what internal roadblocks may be interfering with accomplishing those goals. It's also helped me see a path toward those goals whereas before I thought I was doing the right things but not seeing results.



I'm excited to take this journey with you!

Let's get started.


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