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Have you ever wanted to do something but didn’t?  Maybe you wanted to take a trip across the world or put up that online dating profile or go in a completely different direction in terms of your career. There were probably several reasons you didn't go for it:

"I don't have the money..."

"I don't have the time..."

"I'm not smart enough..."

But the REAL reason you didn’t go for it is because of FEAR.    

Fear, unfortunately, is a MAJOR driving force behind much of human behavior.  You see, our brain has developed over centuries to keep us safe, so we are hard-wired to make the same choices again and again, even if they aren't serving us...  

How much does fear drive your decisions? If you are 100% honest with yourself, you’ll admit that fear plays a significant part in your life and shows up in many ways.  Fear often leads us to make decisions that are out of alignment with our dreams and goals. 

From Fear To Faith: Welcome


For many years, there was an undercurrent of fear in the background of my life.  There were experiences from my past that created certain beliefs that were no longer serving me. 

Actually, these beliefs were blocking me in certain areas of my life. 

But...fear is not from God (2 Timothy 1:7).

I decided it was time to take action and make changes in the way I approached my life!  I embarked on a journey of spiritual and personal development.  I combined coaching with my faith life and was finally able to identify the old wounds that were holding me back, and apply the tools and habits I learned from life coaching. 

I went from Fear to Faith!

From Fear To Faith: Text


Uncover the real driving force behind your fear

Identify and eliminate old patterns of thinking that perpetuate fear

Tap into your divinely-guided intuition when making decisions

Learn how to take inspired action when appropriate

Reclaim all the dreams you’ve been afraid to go after

Develop concrete habits that will help you permanently banish your fears

Stop reacting in predictable ways to “inherited” fear patterns

Understand that everything is happening for you not to you

Learn powerful tools to create a sense of calm in your daily life

Learn how to live a peaceful life no matter what is happening around you

Then this Course Bundle is for You!

From Fear To Faith: Text
From Fear To Faith: Image

What’s Included In This Course Bundle:

40-page E-book

Powerful worksheet to help you go deeper and gain more insights and clarity from content in the E-book

Printable weekly checklist to provide visual accountability as you practice the new tools and habits learned in the course

BONUS #1: Powerful Affirmations with scriptural references for further Bible study

BONUS #2: A 30-minute private coaching session 

Are You Ready?!

Please note: this is a digital download product.  You have access to this course for LIFE as well as any future upgrades added to this course bundle!  You will receive an e-mail within 24 hours of purchase to download your course bundle and a link to schedule your coaching session. 

From Fear To Faith: Text
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