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Feminine Genius Coaching

Feminine Embodiment for Women of Faith

Authenticity and elevated confidence.  Emotional wellness.

Deeply connected relationships.

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Can You Relate?

You feel frustrated with God and the season of life that you're in.

You’ve been praying about the same things forever, but nothing seems to change.

You feel stuck in your life or don’t feel like you’re living your God-given purpose.

You struggle to feel content with where you are in your life.

Your relationships lack depth and feel complicated.

You get easily triggered and feel like you're on an emotional roller-coaster.

You know it’s time to make yourself a priority but you don’t know where to start...

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Claudine Holt_Jutharat Pinyodoonyachet_C

I Get It

I was in your shoes not that long ago.  On the outside, I had a pretty normal life.  But inside, I felt restless and found myself struggling to feel content.  

I spent a lot of time in church and in prayer, but still felt like something was missing.  And as a Christian, I felt guilty for even thinking that…

You see, there were experiences from my past that created a belief system that was not supporting me.  These beliefs were actually blocking me in certain areas of my life. 

There was an undercurrent of fear in the background...but fear is not from God.  (2 Timothy 1:7)

I decided it was time to take serious action and make some changes in the way I approached my life!  I embarked on a journey of deeper spiritual and personal development. 

I combined private coaching with my faith life.  I was able to identify the limiting beliefs and old wounds that were holding me back, and allow the supernatural light of Christ to heal me in combination with the practical tools I learned with private coaching. 

I turned my life around.

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What If

You could develop a living, breathing relationship with God and feel deeply connected to His divine presence in your life

You could identify, heal and release generational trauma that you've "inherited" from your family

You could elevate your mindset and beliefs so you can align and co-create your life vision with God

You could re-establish your self-worth and step into your most empowered feminine essence

You could reconnect with your heart and learn the art of communicating your feelings from a place of truth and authenticity

You could develop and harness your intuition and make decisions from a place of self-trust

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It Is Possible.

I have achieved all of the above by learning about feminine embodiment and the feminine genius.

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Introducing The Queen Esther Journey

From Emotional Orphan to Queen

Miami 8.jpg
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Life Coaching Old: Services

Queen Esther Radiance Session

60-minute "Glow Up" Coaching Call

Laser focused on 1 targeted area

Uncover blocks and transform limiting beliefs

Feminine embodiment coaching tools

A clear roadmap to increase your feminine radiance

Specific tasks and actionable steps to take

BONUS: 1 week of unlimited messaging support after the session

3-Month Program: What's Included

  • An extensive pre-journey questionnaire

  • 45-minute "life audit" onboarding session

  • Ten 60-minute private coaching sessions

  • Specific and actionable tasks that you can implement and integrate after each session

  • Unlimited messaging support between sessions (Mon-Fri)

  • A book list with recommended reading for each phase of your journey

  • Accountability: having someone completely committed to your success and uninterested in your excuses can catapult you forward 

  • A committed coach fully invested in seeing you succeed

  • Loving, safe and confidential coaching

You and I will partner together to achieve your goals.  I will be guiding and supporting you every step of the way. You will never feel alone during this process and I will hold a safe space for you to show up and allow yourself to be fully seen.

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Coaching Is For You If

...You want to gain crystal clarity by understanding where you currently are and what you ultimately want so that we can bridge the gap in-between

...You want to identify the unconscious beliefs and behaviors so that you can pattern interrupt and powerfully make choices that are in alignment with your vision

...You want to understand the clever tricks that your mind devises to keep you safe and small so that you can uncover and remove the hidden blocks that are preventing you from achieving your goals

...You want to develop positive mindset shifts and learn practical tools so that you can use to transform your limiting beliefs

...You want tor create clearly defined goals so that you have a roadmap for success 

If your deepest desire is to live your life in the most intuitive and spiritually-connected way, then Feminine Genius Coaching is right for you!

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After  Working Together You Will

Develop and strengthen your relationship with God

Overcome issues with self-worth and learn the art of self-love and self-care practices

Develop a positive mindset 

Heal core wounds and traumas from the past are blocking your success on a subconscious/unconscious level

Discover and express your most authentic self

Reconnect with your God-given Feminine Genius and learn to live from this feminine space

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Please note I only work with a limited number of 1:1 clients at any given time to give them my full support in helping them achieve their goals.  So if you feel inspired to work with me, apply now.

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What People Are Saying

"My time with Claudine was truly transformational. She was such an
intuitive and compassionate listener, and I felt like she was very in tune with every struggle I was facing, and had such powerful tools and techniques to help me break through them. I was empowered to tackle some of the key challenges I was facing with strength, peace and

Alyssa D

It was such a pleasant and great experience working together with
Claudine. Prior to going into the session, I was feeling very stressed and overwhelmed from my day job, personal issues, and being at home with my parents. Our session together was amazing because unlike other sessions, we started off very differently and I enjoyed it a lot! We dove deep into what I was going through and learning to set healthy boundaries with people that keep overstepping on my boundaries. I’d
definitely recommend working together with Claudine!

Jenny T

Very comforting. I was having a hard time with an internal issue for which there was no apparent solution. I went into the session with an open mind and was open to whatever might happen. Claudine was professional and comforting. She was also profoundly respectful of my feelings and my experience. She guided me through a process and the answers I needed came to me. Claudine opens a space to allow you to hear your inner guidance.


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If your deepest desire is to live the life God has in mind for you and felt a “nudge” in your heart while reading this, then click the button to get started right away.

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Or you can choose to go back to life as usual

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I Understand

Investing in yourself can be scary.  In fact, it can trigger feelings of unworthiness.  But admitting that things aren’t working and being courageous enough to reach out for help is the highest form of self-love and self-care. 

When I invested in a life coach, I felt guilty: maybe I just wasn’t spiritual enough?  Maybe I wasn't praying hard enough? 

"What use is it, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but he has no works?" James 2:14

My prayers WERE working.  God allowed me to find the support I needed.  But I had to actively participate in my healing. In the Gospels, whenever someone received a miraculous healing from Christ, that person (or someone acting on that person’s behalf) had to actually do something

My journey was so personally transforming that I was inspired to become a life coach. I developed my own coaching methodology to help women of faith like me develop a healthy mindset, heal old wounds, and reconnect to their feminine genius.

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I feel SO excited to support you on your journey!

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Feminine Genius Coaching provides coaching services for informational and educational purposes only.  Coaching is not meant as a substitute or replacement for medical advice from your primary care provider, psychiatrist, or other licensed  medical specialist. Feminine Genius Coaching does not provide medical advice in any capacity and any information provided on this website, associated social media accounts or through coaching is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical or psychiatric conditions.

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