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Understanding Your Relationship Blueprint

Relationship Audit Mini-Training

(AND don't forget to scroll all the way down after watching the training for a special offer!!!)

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Don't Forget Your Worksheet!

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Are You Ready to Heal Your Relationship Blueprint?!?!

I trust the mini-training and worksheet served you!  But the truth is we all have a blueprint for our relationships that goes back to childhood

This blueprint is based on what you observed growing up, as well as your relationships with parents, siblings, classmates, friends, etc.

The foundation of your current relationships (or lack of relationships) is based on this blueprint!  So the root of many relationship problems can solved by healing your blueprint.

If you don't like the outcome you're getting in dating, with colleagues, with family or friends, then it's time to heal and upgrade your relationship blueprint.

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If you're ready to go deeper so you can heal your relationships, for this week only I'm offering a package of THREE laser-focused 1:1 coaching sessions to help you heal your unique relationship blueprint!

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What We'll Cover During Our Sessions:

Discover Your Blueprint

We will dive deep into your conscious and subconscious beliefs so you can experience change at the deepest level.

Understand Your Patterns

We'll release any fears and anxiety (the root of your relationship attachment style) so you can stop attracting the same people into your life and stop repeating the same patterns in your relationships.

Release the Past

You’ll powerfully release the past and deepen self-trust so you can open your heart more fully to give and receive love.

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Best Value

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Flexible Payment Option

This special offer is only available until 11:59pm on 4/30/2021!!!

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My time with Claudine was truly transformational. She was such an intuitive and compassionate listener, and I felt like she was very in tune with every struggle I was facing, and had such powerful tools and techniques to help me break through them. I was empowered to tackle some of the key challenges I was facing with strength, peace and

Alyssa D

Feminine Genius Coaching provides coaching services for informational and educational purposes only.  Feminine Genius Coaching does not provide medical advice in any capacity and nothing on our website, in our services or content, is intended to diagnose, treat, heal or cure any medical or psychiatric condition.  Coaching is not meant as a substitute or replacement for medical advice from your primary care provider, psychiatrist, or other licensed  medical specialist.  We do not guarantee any specific result.

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