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Visitation Coaching™

Visitation coaching is a concept that I created to work with Catholic women in an accessible way.

This style of coaching was inspired by Mary’s Visitation to Elizabeth.  When Our Lady learned during the Annunciation that her older cousin Elizabeth was 6 months pregnant, scripture tells us that she went in haste to assist her during the final months of her pregnancy. 

Since coaching isn’t one-size-fits-all, visitation coaching™ is an option for Catholic women who are looking for a more flexible coaching option that meets them wherever they are in life:

  • On your commute

  • On your lunch break

  • Between meetings

  • On a study break 

  • Walking the dog

  • Running errands

  • Making dinner

Visitation Coaching: Text

Here’s How It Works:

Visitation coaching can be used for ANY issue or goal you want support on.  

Once a week, you’ll fill out a detailed self-coaching worksheet and the Heart Examen™ so you have clarity about the situation and any thoughts and emotions that are coming up.  

You will get access to my training video on how to complete the Feminine Genius Coaching self-coaching sheet.

You’ll submit both of these for my review.  

Within 24 hours, I will reply back to you with detailed feedback, coaching, and support.  

I will recommend specific resources as needed.  

You will also receive “heartwork” (not your typical homework) for the week.  

You can also reply back to me if you need any clarification.

Additional Details:

Coaching will take place via Voxer, a free app.

Coaching hours: Monday-Friday, 7am-7pm

You will receive 1 check-in per week/4 check-ins per month.

Investment: $150/mo (auto-recurring payment) with a minimum 3 month commitment.

Visitation Coaching: Services
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