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The First Step To Healing: Admitting That You Need Support

Many women today feel embarrassed to admit that they need support or help You see, most of us have been taught that needing support is a sign of weakness. After all, we’re modern women! We’re supposed to be fierce superheroes who can do it all and do it for ourselves! And if you’re a Catholic/Christian woman, you might feel this need to strong-arm your way through even more. Because we’re spiritual. We’re faithful daughters of God. We’re supposed to have it all together--or at least have the appearance of having it all’s that working for you?

I know it wasn’t working for me very well. Time to get vulnerable...

We all know that there have been a lot of conversations about racism and prejudice in the past couple weeks. Although we all have our own perspective and see the world through our own lens, a lot of the discussion has been good. As a coach, what has been moving for me to see is the collective emotional release from black women who have kept their experiences and traumas hidden and bottled up for years or decades. I know that I have struggled to keep up the charade of having it together. At one time, I was afraid to reach out for help. I think many black women can identify with this as the overwhelming majority of us are Christian (Catholic OR Protestant). And we have this belief that if we just lean into God and our faith a little bit more (because clearly we must not doing enough LOL), the storms in our life will simply pass.

But avoidance and bypassing will never solve the problem.

You see, true healing requires faith and deep inner work to get to the root of the problem. Your spirituality and inner work are intertwined. This is why despite praying, going to Mass, going to adoration--all of it--I still embarked down the path of inner work several years ago. It was so transformative for me, that I wanted to become a coach so I could share this information with other women. We take a deep dive in my 6-week and 12-week 1:1 programs--Feminine Genius Immersion and Feminine Genius Transformation.

Regardless of race, being able to ask for help to facilitate healing is one of several core feminine traits. The Feminine Genius is all about helping you re-discover lead with your God-given femininity.

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