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When Faith Feels Complicated

Many women who identify themselves as religious/spiritual have a somewhat complicated relationship with God. (This is typically a mirror for the relationship they have or had with their own father.) ⁣

So to her, God is difficult to please, overbearing, withholding, and hypercritical.  Maybe similar to her earthly father, she feels like she can’t get it right.  She can’t live up to His standards or expectations.  And after years of trying to be Little Miss Perfect, she pulls a teenager seeking independence.  But after some time, she starts to feel a lack of stability in her life (also because she doesn’t understand her own empowered feminine genius) and she returns feeling like the prodigal daughter.  Of course, God is loving and accepts her.  But if she doesn’t learn the lesson--that no relationship can thrive if it’s based in fear--this dynamic of running away and coming back will continue. 

Can you relate? In my own journey, I had to get to a place of total trust in God’s love and accept that nothing could separate me from it (Rom ‪8:39‬). And once I learned to relax in that truth, I was ready for the path that He led me down--the path of inner work.⁣

You see, your spiritual journey and inner work are intertwined.  But in my work, the foundation is helping you to re-frame your vision of God so you can attract love, health, abundance, with the right perspective.  This is just one of the modules in my 6-week 1:1 program--Feminine Genius Immersion. ⁣

I'd love to hear your thoughts. If you’re interested in learning more about coaching with me, send me a message and we’ll have a quick chat to see if this program is a fit for you. ⁣

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